TCR Scandinavia Mantorp Park Wrap Up

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Race 1

PWR Racing’s Robert Dahlgren was crowned the first ever champion of TCR Scandinavia after finishing sixth in today’s first race at Mantorp Park.

After a troubled qualifying in which he was demoted to 11th for setting his fastest lap under yellow flag, Dahlgren was lucky to avoid being caught in the pile up at the start and claimed a 6th place that gave him the title even before today’s second and third races.

Mattias Andersson made a better start than pole sitter Fredrik Ekblom and took the lead, but the race was first neutralized by the safety car and then red-flagged following an incident that eliminated Albin Wärnelöw, John Bryant-Meisner and Reuben Kressner. Dahlgren squeezed amongst the spinning cars and moved up from 11th on the grid to 7th.

The race resumed with only 4 laps to go and Ekblom stole the lead from Andersson, while Fredrik Blomstedt went off and stopped in the gravel trap.

Ekblom pulled away, while the battle raged behind him. Eventually Andreas Wernesson claimed second ahead of Andreas Ahlberg, Daniel Haglöf, Andersson and Dahlgren who clinched the title.

Race 2

Kristoffersson Motorsport’s teammates Fredrik Ekblom and Fredrik Blomstedt shared wins in the two final races of TCR Scandinavia at Mantorp Park. Their victories, added to Ekblom’s in Race 1, made three out of three for the team and Volkswagen. These results also meant that they finished second and third in the Drivers’ championship behind Robert Dahlgren (PWR Racing SEAT León).

Kristoffersson Motorsport clinched the Teams’ championship.

At the start of the second race, pole sitter Ekblom maintained the lead from Mattias Andersson and Blomstedt, while Daniel Haglöf slipped down from fourth to sixth. However, in three laps the PWR Racing driver climbed to third, overtaking Micke Ohlsson, Andreas Wernersson and Blomstedt. The latter lost two more places to Wernesson and Ohlsson who were fighting for fourth. On lap 4, at the end of the long back straight, Ohlsson punted Wernesson wide onto the gravel trap. Wernesson rejoined and Ohlsson was given a drive through.

The same penalty, but for jump start, was also handed to Blomstedt who served it in late and was black-flagged. While Ekblom had built a comfortable lead, Haglöf retired from second due to a technical problem. His teammate Robert Dahlgren recovered from 11th on the grid to second by overtaking Andersson on lap 11. However, he was later dropped to 8th by a 30-second penalty for a collision with another driver. This handed Andersson the second place behind Ekblom, while Tobias Brink – who had started 15th – finished third ahead of Andreas Ahlberg.

Andersson made good use of the pole to start Race 3 ahead of Ekblom, Haglöf, Blomstedt and Wernesson. On lap 1, Haglöf overtook Ekblom for second, but then he was hit by his rival; Blomsted benefited from the opportunity to move up to second ahead of Wernersson, Ekblom and Haglöf. On the following lap Ekblom spun and then he served a drive through for his incident with Haglöf.

Blomsted closed the gap from Andersson and overtook him for the lead on lap 7; behind them Wernesson and Dahlgren were fighting for third position. On lap 9, Haglöf retired again with a technical issue, while Dahlgren overtook Wernersson for third.



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