Why WSC Should be Cautious with WTCC

It’s been rumored of late that World Sporting Consulting, creators of the TCR category, and FIA’s World Touring Car Championship reached an agreement for WTCC to adopt TCR regulations for the 2018 season.  WSC has come out to say there is no agreement at this time and if I was WSC, I would be extremely hesitant about this deal taking place at all.

While TCR is taking the touring car world by storm, allowing a competing global touring car series to use your regulations is a dangerous move.  WSC currently has the TCR International Series, essentially their version of WTCC, but relies on privateer entries to fill the grid.   So that being said, why would WSC want WTCC to use their regulations, although most likely with manufacturer entries, and compete side-by-side for eyes on their series?  If WTCC decides to go against tradition and focus more on privateer entries to align with the spirit of TCR, then the two really are fighting for teams, drivers, circuits and eyes.  Is that worth the licensing income that would come in from WTCC?

There’s two circumstances I could see where this works in WSC’s and TCR’s favor.  1) WSC buys out WTCC and essentially brings those teams into TCR International   or 2) let WTCC continue on its current path and try to recruit as many teams from WTCC over to TCR International or a regional TCR series (TCR UK, TCR Germany, etc).  WTCC does not appear to be sustainable at this time and this could be the perfect time for TCR to take advantage.

I’ll keep this post short and sweet because to me it’s a no brainer.  WSC, hold off on any WTCC deal unless you’re bringing them into TCR International.



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