10 Questions with Josh Files

We caught up with Josh Files, the 2016 TCR Germany and TCR Middle East champion, to talk about his career, TCR as a whole, and what the future holds for himself and the category. Check it out:

You have obviously had a lot of success in TCR machinery winning the TCR Germany title in 2016 (along with TCR Middle East) and on your way to another this season.  What is it about the TCR style and Josh Files that meshes so well?

JF: I like the cars, I like the grip and I like the championships and where they are heading. I think its a great formulae and I wanted to be in it from the beginning!

With that success where do you want to race in 2018?  TCR International? TCR UK? WTCC? Something entirely different?

JF: I have many options, but at the moment I am concentrating on a dual programme, with TCR International and a national series

Can you think of moment in your TCR career you would consider a favorite?

JF: There are 2 that stand out. Winning the first ever TCR Germany races last year in unexpected fashion when we had to hire Seat Leon DSGs in a last minute emergency to start the season. Then obviously winning that first TCR Championship at the last round at Hockenheim, my emotions, and also all of the team, were extremely high!

Getting back to TCR as a whole, it has absolutely exploded in popularity since it was launched in 2015. What makes the formula so good?

JF: The cars are fast, they look good, they are quite cheap, and the fans can relate to their road cars with them.  Not to mention the racing is close and it makes for an epic Touring Car platform.

The TCR concept is spreading to North America, a place where touring car racing has traditionally struggled.  Do you think TCR will help make it last in North America?

JF: I can’t see why not. The good thing is the costs are kept down, and the manufactures of the cars can help push them in the US.

Where do you see TCR going in the next 5 years? How much more can it grow?

JF: I’m not sure. There is every possibility it could become a manufacture programme, if its allowed. Maybe it could take over WTCC etc, but who really knows…. The world is an ever-changing place at the moment

Getting back to you and your career.  Who do you look up to in the racing world? Who is your mentor?

JF: Of course Andy Priaulx is someone I really turn to for advice. He has had a hugely successful career in both touring cars and now GT’s and has been a manufacture driver for years and years. He’s done it all and he’s still stupidly fast, even if he is getting old ;P (sorry Andy)

That being said, how did you get your start in racing?

JF: My dad fancied me giving it a go with him as he used to race historics. So we did some dad and lad racing and when I beat him he didn’t like it, so he sent me packing all the way to the Clio Cup! Thanks dad.

Favorite track?

JF: Many! Love Red Bull Ring, Croft and Imola

Lastly, if you could drive any race car from any era, what would it be and why?

JF: 1993 Alfa Romeo 155 DTM car! Looks like an absolute monster, only tamed by the driver


Josh and ADAC TCR Germany are next in action at Saschenring, September 17. Make sure to check out the live stream and cheer on Josh.


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