Pierre Runic has chosen Bas Koeten Racing for his TCR entrance

After a period of long negotiation, RaceMedia is happy to announce that they have agreed terms with Bas Koeten Racing to form a long term project for Pierre Runic and his entrance to TCR regulated competition for 2018.

The plan is for a two year project, with an option for a third year, for Runic to compete in one of the highly competitive and successful TCR series. Runic will make his debut for the team behind the wheel of the highly successful Audi RS3 LMS model, which has already taken race wins in the International Series and in various National Series.


Runic himself is also looking forward to the opportunity presented to him.

“I am thrilled about the many openings this opportunity presents and as a professional I
always like to over deliver to my partners,” explained Runic.

“The shift from International karting into one of the most competitive touring car series in the world is a big leap for me, but I will put 110% into this and I will make sure no one is left disappointed.”

His initial focus is a full season in the TCR International Series, however there are also
options for the Swedish driver to compete in the TCR European Trophy. Other options being explored currently are TCR Class Endurance Racing in the 24 Hours Series or even some time in one of the many National TCR series around the globe.

The Bas Koeten Racing Audi RS3 LMS that Pierre Runic will race in 2018. Credit: TCR Benelux

In order to make sure that Runic is fully prepared for his debut in 2018, RaceMedia has
already begun the hunt for vital sponsors to make sure that the Swedish driver can compete in a full season of competition as he goes up against experienced teams and drivers in TCR Competition.

“With Pierre driving an Audi in an already experienced and well managed top team we
believe that he is very well positioned to satisfy his potential sponsors.” Says Niclas
Johansson at RaceMedia.

More information on Bas Koeten Racing

Since the start of the TCR International series in early 2015, Bas Koeten Racing has been a part of this growing sport. The team has participated in both national and international TCR sprint series. Furthermore the Dutch squad is a very experienced player in the 24H Endurance Series.


Currently Bas Koeten Racing runs five 2017 TCR cars. Besides the various TCR series the team competes in other championships such as Clio Cup, Supercar Challenge, Belcar Endurance Championship, Winter Endurance Championship and various national club races on the annual calendar.

Each year Bas Koeten Racing participates in around 60 events across the globe. Being active in around six different race and rally championships provides a huge advantage of technical know-how.

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