Hyundai i30 N TCR to Test at 24 Hours of Misano

Hyundai Motorsports have announced their new i30 TCR will make it’s public debut in July at the 24 Hour of Misano.  While the car is not yet homologated into TCR spec and not running in the TCR class, it will be placed with the GT4 cars and treat the race as a long distance test for the car’s components and durability.

The team will not attack the race in one long 24 hour session, but instead split it up into different segments to make setup changes and gain more data through the weekend.

Andrea Adamo, Hyundai Motorsport Customer Racing Manager said, “Entering the Hyundai i30 N TCR at the 24H Misano is a unique opportunity for us during the development phase of the project. Obviously the running we have already completed, and that which we plan for the coming months, is very important, however, this event will give us the chance to test in conditions that are impossible to replicate away from a competitive event. Though we will not run continuously through the entire event we will manage our time on track, splitting the race in several sections where we can focus on long runs and the endurance racing aspects of the our design. With time on track at night, as well during daylight will also mean that we can see how the car’s behavior shifts depending on atmospheric and track conditions that will be constantly changing.”


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